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In order to most effectively utilize our Support Team's time, please read through these FAQ's before submitting a contact form.​  Nearly all guest inquiries are answered here.  Thanks!


Can I get a quote before I buy?  Due to the popularity of this offer, and the volume of requests from current customers, we cannot accommodate quote requests for non customers.  We have an enormous supply of inventory, so general availability should not be a concern.  By the time we gave you a quote and you bought the offer and then redeemed the deal - the quoted room may no longer be available!  (Sad face!)  We don't like to disappoint, so it's best to grab a voucher first and let an agent present you with available properties when you're ready and able to officially finalize!  

If you're worried about quality and choices, don't be!  We book top quality names you know & trust, and you'll be given multiple properties to choose from on the dates you want.  There are no blackout dates so any dates you choose will be available.  We never "assign" hotels - we want you to be happy with your hotel and won't book it until you say ok!  (All quotes are given in US Dollars.)


How do I redeem my voucher?   If you purchase from a daily deal site (like Groupon), they will give you instructions to visit the Redemption/FAQ page and scroll down and fill out the Redemption form.   If you purchase from us direct, you will click on the tab above that mentions your deal and scroll down and fill out the form using your Paypal transaction ID as your Voucher Code. Once you fill out this form and send it back to us - your voucher is redeemed!  Because you have one year to use the voucher, the offer is not refundable. It is transferable & exchangable however.


Can I extend my stay? Yes, customers may use vouchers back to back to extend their stay.

​​When will I get a reply?  You will get a reply within 2 business days from when you fill out the Redemption Form. You will be then able to search tens of thousands of hotel and airfare options worldwide.  When you find the one you like based on the vacation you purchased you will e-mail the details back to us at the same e-mail we would have e-mailed you the instructions to view the options.  We will then respond in 2 business days and tell you how to book it.​

What if I need to cancel a trip I have finalized? Most hotels that are booked at these rates are truly non-refundable and cannot be cancelled for any reason.  Some hotels have exceptions to this policy but most do not, so please assume it is non-refundable.​​  We are closed weekends & holidays as well, so if you request a cancellation & we are unable to cancel it due to business hours, no credits can be issued.  If a reservation can be cancelled, a min fee of $50 may be applied.​

Additionally, Groupon or daily deal vouchers are non-refundable.​

TIP FOR ALL:Please check your spam folders! Quotes can often slip into those junk folders when you're not looking!​​​​


What hotels and areas are available?   HOTELS:  We are a wholesaler and deal in volume, so we have plenty of top name inventory.  Guests will be given multiple hotels to choose from when finalizing - we do not assign hotels.  AREAS:  Offers are good for any city of the guests choosing, on any date.  Weekends and holidays are valid, there are no blackouts. Average nightly hotel/resort fees will apply when finalizing.  Peak dates and prime destinations (such as New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, etc) may require higher fees. (Some hotel names:  Ramada, Wyndham, Hyatt, Sandals, Best Western, Hilton, Beaches, Double Tree, Sheraton, Riu​​, Marriott, Hampton Inn, many more!)

TIP FOR ALL:  If you wish to request a particular hotel, upgraded room style, or a prime area of a city (downtown, beach front, etc) please be advised that fees may be higher than the average stated above.

Example: Normal Request: "Hotel in San Diego for family of 4.  Weekend dates November​ 14-16.  Two beds please."
This guest will be booked with average hotel fees easily and quickly. They will have many hotels to choose from in the San Diego area.

Alternate Example Request: "Hotel in San Diego for family of 4.  We require a 2 bedroom suite. Hotel must be pet friendly and within walking distance of La Jolla Beach."   

​This guest has specified a prime location within San Diego (a highly popular and expensive beach town) which means higher fees for this guest.  (Higher savings too!) This guest has also requested a very specialized room type that the hotel will consider an upgrade and will apply surcharges at their discretion.  We can absolutely accommodate this guest, but they should expect fees (& savings) to be higher than the deal advertises based on these requests.

Please keep in mind when booking that the more flexible you can be with your location, the lower your fees will be.  If you are more interested in a higher end trip or a prime location, keep in mind that your fees will be adjusted AND savings will be much higher​!


How does the airfare credit work?   If we book your hotel AND airfare together, you'll receive up to $400 off your total trip!​​ Please note this is not a $400 cash value credit regardless of your flight or travel details. Actual savings amount will vary depending on your travel details and always remain at airline discretion. We cannot provide quotes for hotels or airfare until you have purchased this offer.  This is due to the rapid changes in availability as current customers actively book flights and rooms and availability changes. The airfare credit is best used for 2 or more travelers but can be used for one, although generally savings will not be as high for one traveler.  While you can purchase multiple vouchers, airfare credits cannot be "doubled up" for a party of 2.

What if I don't need airfare? No problem! Airfare is not required & you can choose an alternate bonus gift when your trip is finalized.


If I paid for the offer, and am also paying hotel fees, how much am I really saving? This is a great question! The answer will vary from person to person depending on their travel details, but for most people, the answer is, "You'll save lots!" ​

​​Some guests just want to get the cheapest hotel possible that meets the fees listed on the deal, which is fine! Other guests want to stay at higher end properties, and understand that their fees may be higher than average, but their savings will also be MUCH higher!

Below is just an EXAMPLE of the savings you get & how it works. Doing a random date search for Las Vegas, a popular destination, you can see the listed price the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas is $410 for 3 days 2 nights. The Retail Price is the same price you'd find on Expedia or the Hotel website itself, NOT including taxes, so your actual cost would be a bit more if you paid online. With the voucher, your acutal cost would only be $95, and that would INCLUDE all taxes & fees. 

As you can see, the hotel quality can affect the savings available, and because these are booked rapidly, pricing & availabiltiy does change quickly.​​ For some hotels, while the fees may be higher than average, generally your savings is also higher than average. Everyone's travel needs and savings will vary, but your agents will provide as many searches as needed to get you the maximum value for your offer! 

Remember - Don't Include The Cost Of The Voucher ​​when looking at your hotel savings! Your bonus gift options outweigh the original cost of the voucher, so your hotel savings are pure money in your pocket! Please note that the below is just one example, with randomly chosen dates to give an overview of how the offer works.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

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