​​Vacation Reservation Express


Below is just an EXAMPLE of the savings you get & how it works.  Doing a random date search for several different popular destinations, you can see a few examples. The Public Price for the Maingate Resort and Spa in Florida is $969 for 8 Nights.  This is the same price you'd find online, NOT including taxes, so your actual cost would be a bit more if you paid online.  With the voucher, your actual cost would only be $338.67, and that would INCLUDE all taxes & fees for 8 nights.  Of course with this deal you can choose to go less or more nights than that.

As you can see, the hotel destination & quality can affect the savings available, and because these are booked rapidly, pricing & availability may change quickly.​​ For some hotels, while the fees may be higher than average, generally your savings is also much higher than average.  Everyone's travel needs and savings will vary, but you may search thousands of options to get the maximum value for your offer!   

Don't Include The Cost Of The Voucher ​​when looking at your hotel savings!  Your bonus gift outweighs the original cost of the voucher, so your hotel savings are pure money in your pocket!  Please remember that the below is just one example, with randomly chosen dates to give an idea of how the offer works.

$49 to Reserve a 1 to 12 Night Hotel Stay in ANY WORLDWIDE CITY + Airfare Credit or Dinner


An 1 to 12 Nights Hotel Getaway For 1 - 4 Guests to Any Worldwide Location Of Your Choice!  
BONUS GIFT!  Choose a $50 Dining Credit (US), $300 Grocery Certificate (US), or up to $400 Savings When We Book Hotel + Air!​

Head to a new and exciting location! This 1 to 12 Nights extravaganza will close or far away for a great time! Head South and warm up in the sun, stay local, or travel to a forign country you've never experienced.  You decide the destination and travel dates!   We work with top hotels & resorts worldwide!

If you have already purchased this offer from Groupon or another daily deal site, please fill out the form below.  (May not open on mobile phone.) ​​This form is for customers who have purchased already ONLY.



Due to the volume of orders we process, only customers who have purchased this offer may use this form. Please do not enter random codes in attempt to guess or override the system, we check them. We are working hard to service current customers, and adding to the workload disrupts this cycle for all parties.

​​Once we receive your travel request, an agent will respond will respond in 2 business days to assist you with viewing thousands of hotel & air booking options.

​​Thank you - ​​We look forward to serving you!

Summary:  Valid for in Any City Worldwide. Valid for 1-4 guests.  Purchase one voucher per hotel room. Group travel ok. No blackout dates!  No timeshare presentations!

Guests will book online. Guest must approve of hotel & all travel details before finalization. Average hotel fees of ​​$20-75USD per night due when finalizing reservations. Prime locations or dates may incur higher than avg fees. We work with top hotel names such as (but not limited to) Hilton, Ramada, Double Tree, Wyndham, Best Western, Hyatt, Microtel, and many more!​

Fee Conversion:  Peak hotels/dates/locations have higher fees.​


$50 Dining Gift Card from Restaurant.com  (In the US only. Covers the cost of the voucher!)
$300 Grocery Saver Offer from GrocerySavers.com  (In the US only. More value!)

$400 Airfare Bonus (Anywhere Worldwide.  Receive a max of $400 off your package if we book your hotel + air!)​​​​

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Please only fill out the form only once. Multiple submissions will delay a response further.


Where can I request travel?  Anywhere worldwide!  Yes! Request any city on any dates!

​​Can I bring children/other adults?  Yes!  This offer is automatically good for 1-4 guests in the same 1-2 bed room, with at least one guest is 18 or older. 

​​Can I extend my stay?  Yes!  Additional nights mean additional hotel fees.  Choose 1-12 nights or longer, and besides the deal price you will only be charged fees for nights that you stay.

Can I use this on holidays?  Yes!  Hotels/Airlines may require higher fees for peak dates, hotels, or prime locations - you will see options before deciding if you'd like to confirm a holiday date or prime location (ex: NYC,  Los Angeles,  San Francisco,  etc)​

Can I check availability now?  Because this offer can be used any day of the year with no blackouts, there is no need to pre-check availability.  We work with tens of thousands of hotels/airfare options in all cities around the world! ​​​​​

What hotel will I stay at?  Once you buy the voucher, you will redeem and search and browse through tens of thousands of hotels worldwide.  You will ALWAYS get to choose and approve the hotel or resort - we do not assign them.  You are in FULL control of the quality & brand of your hotel.​

Can I request a particular hotel? Yes - but note your BEST savings will come from choosing hotel options with the best savings. You can choose a specific hotel that you have planned on, but the savings may not be as high for a specific hotel in some cases.​​​​​

Why must I pay hotel fees?​​  Hotels offer us deeply discounted rates/fees based on the volume that we book for them. While the hotels do not give the rooms away for free -  you'll get to find a excellent hotels for a fraction of the price in comparison to retail prices!  Average fees range from $20-75USD per night depending on your travel details.  Fees may vary depending on your travel details. Peak hotels/dates/locations require higher fees. Customers not from US are responsible to understand conversion rates before finalizing a hotel and can use this site https://www.google.com/finance/converter​

How Much Will I Pay In Total?  Generally guests only pay nightly hotel fees which average $20-75USD.  Keep in mind that prime locations, peak dates, prime hotels and other variables will require higher fees at the hotel's discretion.   The quotes we give are in real time for real discounts and tend to sell out fast, so when you see one you like, our advice is to take it!  The only way to get a real time quote is to redeem your voucher & begin the redemption process.  ALL PRICES ARE QUOTED IN US DOLLARS.  
Is there a timeshare presentation?  No!  There are no timeshare or sales presentations.

When does this offer expire?  The voucher expires one year after purchase.​​

Are there any hidden fees?  No!  As a wholesaler we cannot charge hidden fees.  In fact, we do not charge your card at all.  When we finalize your reservations, you'll only see a bill from the hotel/airline/travel network that you chose.​

What if I need to cancel my reservation?   Rooms are typically not refundable and are not changeable for any reason.  While some properties have a short grace period - most do not, so it is best to assume this when finalizing.
How does the airfare credit work? When you book your hotel AND airfare together through us, you'll receive up to $400 off your total package per party of 2-4 guests!​​  Please note this is not a $400 cash value credit regardless of your flight or travel details.  The actual amount may vary.  Depending on your travel details, this could be a huge savings!

What if I don't need airfare?  That's fine! If you don't need airfare, if you are in the US after you are booked and confirmed just contact us with your confirmed itinerary ​and request the $50 dining credit or a $300 Grocery Savers Gift Certificate and it will be emailed to you.

How long will it take to book?   ​​Once you buy the deal and fill out the redemption form, within 2 business days you will receive an email with instructions to search through tens of thousands of hotels and airfare.  When you find which one you like and are ready to book within 2 business days reply back to the email with these instructions that we sent you and we will direct you how to book that selection.  Note that hotel fees can vary day to day but usually very slightly.  We have found that it's helpful to check your spam or junk folder for a reply, as emails can sometimes go in there!
How does the Grocery Saver or Dining Credit work? 
The Grocery Saver details can be seen at GrocerySavers.com & the $50 Dining Gift card can be used at Restaurant.com at thousands of participating restaurants.  These are for use in the US only. For other countries you receive airfare credit only.